Men's Mental Health

Research has shown that men that suppress their emotions tend to have worse mental health outcome but after a lifetime of messages telling men not to feel, it can feel daunting to start to get in touch with their emotions. It can take some time for men to learn to identify their feelings, learn healthy ways to regulate emotions, and to feel comfortable communicating their feelings to others. Additionally, the experience of needing to betray your emotions and yourself to be a “strong man” can cause a unique form of trauma and shame which needs to be untangled and worked through with a trained professional. Our therapist, Adam Sartore, has a special interest in men’s mental health. Get in touch with Adam to book your appointment today.

Men's Mental Health

Over the course of their lives, men are exposed to millions of messages that encourage them to suppress their emotions. These messages can look like caregivers telling young men to “man up” or “suck it up” when they’re upset, or society idolizing men who are “macho”, “fit”, “competitive”, “rich”, “womanizers”, and “breadwinners”. These messages can create unrealistic expectations for men while also teaching them to suppress their feelings out of fear of being judged or being perceived as weak. The result is men are left feeling not good enough and also too afraid and embarrassed to ask for help.

Expressing emotions is a human need… yet many men have learned that showing emotion and asking for help are signs of weakness so they would rather bottle up their feelings and manage them alone. Sometimes lifelong suppression of these feelings can leave men feeling out of control, overwhelmed, angry, and deeply ashamed. Men often seek out counselling when they’ve had difficulties in their relationship(s), troubles at work, financial stressors, historical or current trauma, or are experiencing mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Men experience mental health difficulties differently than women due to societal attitudes that men do not show or feel emotions. This however is far from the case and research shows that men who internalize the stigma of mental health and suppress their emotions were more likely to suffer from severe mental illness ( Source: Given this unique barrier for men, it is important that counselling includes an understanding of the unique issues that men face and how to combat these messages to allow men to begin their healing journey.

Mental Health Issues we can help with: 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Shame and Guilt
  • Anger and Emotional Reactivity
  • Impulsivity
  • Relationship Issues
  • Feelings of low self-worth
  • Trauma
  • Addictions
  • Grief and Loss
  • Workplace Issues/Conflict

Signs that men might ignore that could indicate mental health issues: 

  • Chronic pain;
  • Muscle tension and soreness;
  • Chronic fatigue and sleep difficulties;
  • Headaches and/or migraines;
  • Withdrawal from relationships and interests;
  • Keeping things in, shutting others out, and avoiding conversations with others;
  • Quick temper, emotional reactivity, and increased hostility towards others;
  • Increased use of drugs and/or alcohol;
  • Dissociation using video games, binge watching TV, scrolling on social media, cannabis, gambling, and food;
  • Difficulties with boredom, needs constant distraction or stimulation to feel ok;
  • High-risk activities like speeding, womanizing, cheating, fighting etc;
  • Dysfunctional health patterns like overworking, not sleeping, binge eating, overspending, etc;
  • Change in sexual interest or performance;
  • Digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome;
  • Difficulties with maintaining positive relationships.


Sometimes admitting you need help is the hardest part of the whole process. If you’re ready to take that first challenging step towards living a happier life, contact Holistic Healing today to set up a free initial consultation.


Mental health has primarily been something that is ignored until there is a crisis. Thankfully, this is starting to change. The truth is that EVERYONE can benefit from seeing a counsellor just like everyone can benefit from getting a check-up at the doctor or going to the dentist regularly. Mental health is health. You'll never regret improving your life through counselling, but you might wonder what could have been achieved should you forgo therapy.

Counselling has excellent outcomes when a client and counsellor have a good relationship due to the fact the client feels safe, heard, and understood. At Holistic Healing we have seen client's whole lives transform because of the counselling we've provided them. Oftentimes, quicker than they expect. Many clients report feeling better after just the first session.

This really depends on what it is you are looking to achieve. On average, most clients find 6-8 sessions to be what they require. For some clients with complex trauma, this number may be higher. Whereas for some with a single issue such as occupational stress, this number might be lower.

Absolutely, our men's mental health services are available and affirming of all masculine-identifying folks. Our therapists are passionate about creating a safe and affirming space by tailoring therapy to your individual needs and validating how hypermasculinity, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, racism, and other oppressive attitudes have uniquely impacted your well-being and sense of self-worth. In other words, although hypermasculine attitudes and ideals are universally harmful, the ways they impact a person depends on a whole host of factors including race, cultural background, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, and socioeconomic status.




Meet our certified therapists, Adam, Selena, Danielle, and Shaheen. No matter what you want to work on, we have a therapist to help. Our Counsellors focus on helping you feel at ease by allowing you to feel heard and understood. By using a holistic, or whole picture approach, our trained Counsellors can help their patients live a happier, more authentic life. Our therapists offer adult counselling, couples counselling, and adolescent/teen counselling. Interested in learning more? Need to book a session? Contact Us here.


Counselling doesn’t just have to be for those who have reached a crisis situation. If you want to live a happier life by discussing the issues that are causing you stress, anxiety, or fear, contact Holistic Healing today to book your free initial consultation.