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Meet the therapist, Juanita Marshall (they/them) 

*Currently not accepting clients*

Canadian Certified Counsellor, Juanita Marshall, holds a Master of Counselling degree with a specialization in Counselling Psychology from Athabasca University, along with a Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Calgary. They understand how complicated and stressful life can be when we find ourselves faced with significant challenges or trauma. Juanita has experience supporting frontline first responders/emergency medical services personnel with complex trauma, individuals with chronic pain and/or disabilities, and transgender individuals seeking to connect with their authentic selves.

About Juanita

As a member of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, Juanita’s life’s journey has been to create peace through the ongoing formation of an authentic sense of self that allows breathing space from social expectations that arise through cultural norms that often shape our lives without being questioned. Juanita believes that many of us who begin our healing practices do so from a deep yearning to become comfortable in ourselves, our bodies, and our unique vibrant lives. Counselling is an excellent pathway to explore and change the stories we tell about ourselves and those we have absorbed from others that do not accurately describe who we feel we are and want to become.

What Juanita Can Help With

Juanita can help clients who are struggling due to:

  • Adjusting to Change + Life Transitions
  • Anxiety
  • Aging and Geriatric issues for individuals or family + supporters
  • Chronic Illness and Disability
  • Depression
  • Divorce adjustment
  • EMS + First Responder issues
  • Identity Concerns
  • Learning difficulties + disabilities 
  • Military + Veteran issues for individuals, partnerships, or family
  • Neurodiversity
  • Parenting Counselling
  • Navigating Polyamorous + Open Relationships
  • Self-actualization
  • Trauma
  • Values clarification
  • Workplace issues
  • Grief + Loss
  • Couple + Partner Therapy

How Juanita Can Help

Juanita can help clients by providing practical and meaningful support that centres the individual within their holistic contexts. Juanita uses culturally responsive and socially just person-centred counselling practices. They approach counselling from an integrated holistic existential philosophy that collaboratively searches for the client's sense of meaning within their challenges and life. Juanita believes it is important to build collaborative therapeutic relationships with her clients as a core part of the healing journey.

A Safe Space to Reflect, Learn, and Grow

Holistic Healing is proud to offer our clients a safe and confidential place where they can reflect, learn, and grow. Our counselling sessions are guided by empathy and understanding, and we work with our patients to find out what is truly causing their problems in life. Once we have narrowed down the root cause of your distress, we work towards instituting healthy coping mechanisms and goals that allow you to measure your progress as the sessions move forward. With us in your corner, you’ll have the tools and guidance you need to overcome your issues so you can begin to enjoy life again.

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Welcome to Holistic Healing

Welcome to Holistic Healing

Meet our certified therapists, Adam, Selena, Juanita, Danielle and Shaheen. No matter what you want to work on, we have a therapist to help. Our Counsellors focus on helping you feel at ease by allowing you to feel heard and understood. By using a holistic, or whole picture approach, our trained Counsellors can help their patients live a happier, more authentic life. Our therapists offer adult counselling, couples counselling, and adolescent/teen counselling. Interested in learning more? Need to book a session? Contact Us here.


Find the healing you need to live a happy life

Contact therapist, Juanita Marshall, today to take the first step towards finding the healing you need to live a happy life. Whether you’re facing mental health issues due to your home or work life, or just need someone to talk to about the challenges you’re currently facing, Juanita is here to help you feel heard and understood.

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